When I started my professional journey in 1998, I was a 22-year-old engineer at Lockheed Martin where the average age at the 10,000-employee work-site was 52 years old. I learned a lot in this environment, surrounded by some very smart people. One of the best lessons was how to achieve success and grow without having a formal leadership title. 14 years later I found myself moving into the executive ranks at the company as a Director in Engineering.


Something I noticed about the people around me that were achieving significant success was that they all had three things in common:

  • A solid foundation of domain expertise in whatever their field was.

  • Strong business acumen, which showed up in their decisions and the positive effects they had on the company’s performance.

  • Fantastic social acumen (soft skills), enabling them to connect with and inspire the people around them.

The individuals who had these competency clusters were able to make a tremendous impact and were given increased responsibilities as a result. The competencies themselves were fairly clear but there was no guide for how to go about developing them. My life has since shifted to focus exclusively on changing the lives of others by helping them reach their full potential. With that in mind, I have engineered a 7-step ‘how-to’ framework called The 7 Steps to Significant Leadership Impact ™.

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