Bob Wise

President/CEO, WGS Systems, LLC 

“Andre stepped out of his comfort zone at Lockheed Martin to pursue his dream of developing young professionals into business leaders. He is providing what I consider to be essential and fundamental to any young professional." 

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Jerry Acuff 


Delta Point, Inc

“Andre Thornton is an incredibly gifted leader and leadership expert. His leadership wisdom, ideas and his behavior change thinking has had a big impact on me as the CEO of a successful healthcare consulting company.”   

Jenna Staudt

College Intern, Georgetown


"I think leadership is something people make out to be this complex and hard thing to accomplish, but when you really look at it and break it down it can be simple. The 7 Steps of Leadership is provided in a way that makes leadership more attainable and relatable to a person's every day life. Even after only a three hour session, I feel that I can apply at least one or two things I learned immediately to my internship, and in the future I feel that I will be able to apply more of it to my academics and athletics."

Charlene McNeiel

First Vice President,

Enterprise Inclusion Consultant, SunTrust

Banks, Inc

“I found this workshop to be very relevant and inclusive of all cultures and generations. The topics resonated with everyone in the room, I walked away with a renewed desire to be the most impactful, curious/creative/resilient leader I can be and plan to leverage the 7 Steps to Significant Leadership Impact back in the workplace!”

Jermaine Williamson 

CEO and Founder,

JLW Consulting

"The leadership coaching provided by Andre Thornton of Whitman Consulting was by far the best I've received in my nearly 25 year career in leadership. The exercises, videos, content, and real world examples helped me apply the teachings directly to my personal, family, and career goals. I would highly recommend Whitman Consulting for all your training and leadership coaching needs."

Courtenay Whitman

Organizational Performance Manager, Teamworks, Inc.

"Andre's delivery of the content was incredible. It's clear that he's very knowledgeable and cares deeply about leadership and sharing his experience with others."

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