A webinar to help you thrive as an intrapreneur and use your black voice in the workplace

For some blacks in corporate America, being an activist has not exactly been a part of our strategy to climb the corporate ladder. We have been very aware and connected to the injustices blacks face in this country, and perhaps involved with fighting them outside of work, but have not made racism a part of our daily conversation track with our non-black colleagues in the office.

Instead, we’ve become really good at choosing our topics carefully. We've developed our cultural competence to the point where we’ve mastered keeping other races (particularly white) comfortable around us. It has been the only way to survive in most environments, let alone succeed.

But this day is different. Many of us are now being 'handed the mic' by our white counterparts who have grown to trust and respect us. They are pulling up a seat in the audience with abated ears, asking us to help them understand the struggle and what they can do to help. 


Now what do we do?


We show that we are strategic leaders who know how to bring our unique perspective into any situation and add value. But how do we do this?

Corporate Social Responsibility, Suppliers, and Internal Innovations

As black professionals, we have always had the opportunity to lead but now more than ever the opportunity and need is there for us to make our greatest impact. This is your time to shine. Your growth will always be rooted in your ability to solve problems and add value in whatever environment you are in.


Take this opportunity to really demonstrate yours.

The strategies we'll go over will represent the mindset and behaviors of an Intrapreneur. An Intrapreneur is someone who brings an entrepreneurial approach to their job by aligning their own personal passions and strengths to grow at an accelerated pace. Please join me this Friday at 11:30am EST for a free webinar.

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