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Meet Andre W. Thornton, Founder & CEO of Whitman Consulting. Above the bathroom sink in his home is a phrase that reads, “Change lives by helping people reach their full potential”. This desire has evolved into a purpose statement for Whitman Consulting that serves its clients by accelerating the development of their leaders.

Andre has lived his life as an example of how someone can pursue their purpose while in the corporate world. As a young professional, he strategically moved up in his field, ultimately earning the position of Engineering Director at Lockheed Martin. His practical business experiences provide invaluable insights for his clients, having performed on some of the most advanced aircraft programs and technologies in the world. While an Innovator at Lockheed Martin, he delivered results ranging from implementing a new Computer-Aided Design technology that saved $2.7M on the F-22 Raptor aircraft program, to capturing over $1B of new business on the C-130J program. These results are rooted in the competencies that advanced his career and are now transferred to others through Whitman Consulting and our leadership development platforms.

Throughout the years Andre has continuously invested time in helping people grow. He is co-founder of the Unified Need for Courageous Leadership and Empowerment (UNCLE) Mentoring Program and the Promaji Alumni Impact, Inc. non-profit organization.


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