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The 7 Steps to Significant Leadership Impact™

Introducing the 7 Steps sequentially is a natural process that supports organizations and leaders by having participants identify and execute goals that inspire innovation and align with the needs of the organization’s stakeholders. ​ Through these steps, leaders learn how to tap into the underlying values and talents of themselves and others to inspire everyone to achieve at a higher level. They align this inspiration with the resources of the organization and tie it directly to the action required to deliver results. ​ This is the essence of purpose-driven leadership and provides individual fulfillment while delivering value for the organization.

The 1440 Method

You are given 1,440 minutes every day. How do you ensure those minutes are spent creating the life you really want? Maximize your Time and Potential to Create the Life of your Dreams. The daily actions you take or don’t take, around your career, relationships, health, spirituality, and finances, are the primary force that determines these outcomes. This carefully designed experience will help you invest 1440 minutes per day in creating a life of purpose, balance, and possibilities.

The College Level

Intrapreneur Program

Making the transition from college campus to corporate America presents an extraordinary opportunity for students and graduates. Whitman Consulting is pleased to provide the College Level Intrapreneur Program (CLIP) to assist these talented individuals in accelerating their growth by building on the foundation of authenticity, community, and impact engrained in their collegiate experience.

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