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The 7 Steps to Significant Leadership Impact™

The 7 Steps to Significant Leadership Impact™ is an experiential learning framework that transforms individuals into purpose-driven leaders. Three underlying beliefs form the 7 Steps foundation: ​

  • Leadership is a verb, i.e. an action to take

  • Following a leader is voluntary

  • Leadership can be taught to anyone willing to learn ​


Introducing the 7 Steps sequentially is a natural process that supports organizations and leaders by having participants identify and execute goals that inspire innovation and align with the needs of the organization’s stakeholders. ​


Through these steps, leaders learn how to tap into the underlying values and talents of themselves and others to inspire everyone to achieve at a higher level. They align this inspiration with the resources of the organization and tie it directly to the action required to deliver results. ​


This is the essence of purpose-driven leadership and provides individual fulfillment while delivering value for the organization.

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