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Building Lasting Leaders

The College Level Intrapreneur Program

The CLIP is aimed at nurturing creativity, innovation, and leadership skills among your organization's recruits and interns, while simultaneously promoting your company as an excellent employer for top talent. The program is customized to align with organizational objectives and involves a mix of live training from experienced facilitators, mentorship, and a source of input from students.

The CLIP is composed of a set of learning experiences for interns, managers and mentors that focus on topics that are relevant to where each professional is in their career. The components are built on a foundation of The 7 Steps to Significant Leadership Impact™ and include the following:


  • Recruiting Series: “Create Chemistry with Your Company”

  • Intern Series: “Intrapreneurship for Interns”

  • Select Program Participants: “Intrapreneurs in Action”

  • Student Ambassador Council

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